Sound Isolation booths come in diamond, double walled and single-walled designs. Each design has their advantages. The non-parallel walls in Diamond designs are the new ones for the purpose of reducing the vibrations effects produced by systems. All the booths come in sizes varying from 4’x4’ to 16’x24’, with getting adjusted to small spaces to large space accumulating the entire band.

Vibration isolation pads can also reduce noises as well as vibrations produced by the equipment.

When you purchase them, it comes with the standard features such as electric cable pass-through ports, interior sound-absorbent walls, ventilation, lightings, and exteriors. Apart from this, you get optional accessories such as windows in wall and doors, color themes, custom panels, and custom dimensions of your choice.

Some key features of these designs are as follows:

Diamond shaped booths

These are 5 sided booths whose interiors are coated with pyramid studio foam (2”, 3” and 4’ pyramids) and have ventilation. These interiors have increased the capability of sound absorption and are cost effective. Lightings and cable ports are also provided along with them. Apart from these standard features, you can add some extra features such as windows on doors and walls, different color choice, custom dimensions, wheel base, decoupled floor bases and many more. These booths come in various sizes ranging from 4’x4’ to 16’x16’ which can accumulate single person to complete of 4 to 5 people along with the instruments.

Double walled booths

These booths have parallel walls which provide increased sound isolation. The interiors are coated with grey fabrics. The standard features are same as of the diamond-shaped booths except for the interiors as well as attached decoupled floorings. These decoupled floor bases help in reducing reverberations. These booths come in sizes varying from 4’x6’ to 16’x24’.

Single-walled booths

These booths come with the extra thickness of the sound absorbent material in its interiors. Mostly used by professionals, it can be further upgraded to double walls also. Sizes are similar to those of double-walled booths. Standard and custom features are all same as of double- walled.

The detailed price estimates of the sound isolation booths can range from 3000 USD to 10,000 USD depending on its dimensions as well as the quality of accessories used.