Just like with all fashion trends, jewelry styles change over time and today, the brown leather cuff is leading the movement for unique, new looks. Leather has long been used to bind the wrists for a variety of reasons, but the beautiful designs of the new age of leather cuff bracelets are allowing men and women alike to make a fashion statement.

The brown leather cuff: fashionable and fun

Many leather cuffs are on the market so it is easy to find one to fit your personal taste, style or occasion. Both women and men appreciate the comfort and feel of 100% high grade cow leather as well as its durability and versatility. Long sleeves can cover your guilty pleasure or the brown leather cuff can be worn with short sleeves whether at work, at play or out on the town.

Unique styling is the key to the popularity of the brown leather cuff

As a distinctly jewelry item, the brown leather cuff comes in a number of variations. Many other options exist if you prefer to use the leather cuff as a watchband.

  • Cross Cut embossing with perforations
  • Embossing of flowers, stars and other designs
  • Large and small X weaving
  • Light Diamond stitching with perforations
  • Natural, stone washed, and colored or patterned leather
  • Perforations in different patterns
  • Polished turtle shell-look embossing
  • Stitched areas around the edges
  • White curve stitching around the band

To keep things fresh, there is an ongoing search for new ideas from the latest designers in the US and from around the world. Diversity is the key to providing customers with the products they want so there are frequently new arrivals to add to the existing offerings of the brown leather cuff as well as other leather bands and belts.

See for yourself

The only way to truly appreciate the beauty and style of a brown leather cuff bands bracelet it to go to brown cuff and see the selection for yourself. You will be please with the styles as well as the prices, and our customer service is quick and secure. And who knows – this may just open up a whole new taste in jewelry and accessories for you!