Nothing demonstrates your confidence more than the jewelry you choose to wear. With a brown leather cuff bracelet, you are showing the world you know fashion and enjoy expressing yourself. Leather has been a part of fashion since the beginning of time but is only now making a comeback as a stylish accessory for every-day and special wear.

What makes a brown leather cuff so interesting?

Unlike warriors and archers of old who simply strapped some leather around their wrists for protection, today’s men and women use decorated 100% genuine cow leather to make a statement and show their personalities. With many styles available, today’s brown leather cuff has hit the mainstream and is far from plain and ordinary.

  • Cut outs and perforations add depth and contrast to plain brown leather for a stylish look.
  • Embossing provides patterns, designs and symbols that look interesting or make a statement.
  • Weaving and stitching add a touch of class or create designs that are attractive and unique.
  • Combinations of these details are used to create stunning jewelry anyone can be proud of.

Given these different options, it is easy to imagine all the different styles of the brown leather cuff that are possible. In addition to a basic cuff, many of these same styles are also available as watch bands to showcase a durable timepiece.

Make your fashion statement today

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