Sugar skulls have a definite place in Mexican and other Catholic cultures with their celebration of the life of departed family members. Instead of mourning and sadness, sugar skulls are part of a joyous remembrance of loved ones and wearing a sugar skull watch is a way to honor that outlook every day of the year.

Sugar skulls are becoming more mainstream

What began with the Aztec tribes of Mexico roughly 1,000 years ago has become popularized through the spread of Mexican culture, even to being the subject of a Pixar movie. Sugar skulls – actual candy – have been part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead for hundreds of years and the artwork has spread to many other mediums, including the sugar skull watch.

When you wear a sugar skull watch, you are not only showing off brilliant art but also an endearing cultural tradition that has meaning to so many. To help you demonstrate your heritage or simply your appreciation for the concept, there is a line of watches based on the sugar skull that will not only provide you with an excellent timepiece but also a piece of wearable art.

Choose the sugar skull watch that is right for you

Nemesis Watch is proud to offer seven different styles of the sugar skull watch. You have the choice of a black, white, silver or pink background with either matching or contrasting hands and number indexes. Each watch is encased in stainless steel for water resistance and durability and the crystal is designed to minimize scratches.

High quality, 100% genuine cow leather bands come in a number of options to give you the best look for your sugar skull watch. Brown and black leather, either smooth patent or stone-washed for a distressed look, can be detailed with rings or weaving. For an even more vibrant look, there is also a bright red band as well as one that is printed in black, red and white with the look of tattoo art.

Find your favorite sugar skull watch online now

Take a look at to see the assortment of sugar skull watches – and all the other styles – that are available. High quality craftsmanship and great prices guarantee that you will love your new sugar skull watch and enjoy sharing your style and passion with all those who see it.