Swimmers lug lots of swim gear and wear in their swim bags over the day. Gone as the days, when a swimsuit and goggles tend to be enough – in the current practice sessions, we need fins, paddles, snorkels, ear plug-ins, swim gadgets and more for a perfect swim time. In the present scenario, a swim bag has to go through a lot during their entire day of usage like dropped, soaked, stepped, and whatnot as well as be water resistant and spacious enough to fit in all stuff.

A swimming bag is an important gear for divers, swimmers and water polo players. These bags do lots starting from storage of clothes to food and electronics. As swim bags serve many purposes, different swim brands offer numerous types of bags with features that cater exclusively to aquatic athletes. A swimmer can choose from Nike swim bag to SPEEDO swim bags to TYR swim bags according to the needs and requirements.

Check out the following guide that portrays differences between various swim bag styles to support your decision of the RIGHT bag for YOU!

Mesh Bags

Many swimmers use mesh bags for an easy transportation and equipment storage facility. These bags are often used by swimmers on deck for an easy carrying of kickboards, fins, pulling gear, snorkels and more. Mesh bags easily keep gears separate and are easy to dry it out between practices. These come in backpack styles as well as traditional drawstring design. It’s a perfect choice for the minimalists; you can’t find any other basic option than mesh bags. If you just carry a towel, goggles, and a suit, a mesh bag is a perfect solution for you.


Swim backpacks have a craze in the swimming community and no doubt for a good reason. Designer swim bags from TYR, SPEEDO, Arena, and Nike swim backpack are not just functional but also a status symbol.  The swimmers who carry backpacks from recognizable brands label themselves as a proud aquatic athlete.

These specially-designed bags offer hands-free convenience and have built a reputation among the swimmers, from old masters to young swimmers. Side pockets made of mesh are added for wet gear storage – to increase the possibility of gear dry out, low odor issue, and reduce the chances of mildew growth inside. Being bigger in size holds enough room for gears like paddles, fins, pull buoys, kickboards, shower accessories, towels after-practice clothes, and electronic gadgets. Again, features like waterproof fabrics and rubberized bottoms packed contents dry on pool decks and in lockers. Many companies also offer the option to personalize the backpacks different decor options.

Backpacks are of two sizes – small one designed for youngsters and a big one for adults. With the efficient space, numerous compartments, and easy carrying option, swim backpacks have earned a special place in the life of competitive swimmers and serious lap swimmers.

Duffel Bags

After the minimalist mesh bags and smart swim backpacks comes duffel bag. The duffel bag is a mandatory choice for swimmers with shoulder and back problems or if any swimmer wants slightly more room for the stuff. It might look alike other swim bags, but has some extra water sport-specific features for the swimmers. These durable bags are made from lightweight, waterproof fabric ideal for gym and the pool. The storage capacity varies with size and accommodates enough space for poolside needs with small and large compartments to keep wet or sweaty clothes separate. The comfortable handle and adjustable strap ensure a comfort fit. Again are available in huge range of colors to match swim requirements of swimmers.

The small and large swim duffel bags are carried by aquatic athletes of all ages and levels. Again, its versatile style makes it popular among aqua joggers, swim coaches, recreational swimmers, and aerobics enthusiasts.

From the blog, it’s concluded that swimmers have a high range of options in swim bags. And you can easily pick from the lot the best one that satisfies all your needs and demand while on deck.