If there is one thing you have heard about the millennial generation is that they are lazy bums obsessed over their costly gadgets. Though it is true in parts, there is so much to them. Millennials are a large part of the population and economy today. In fact, they are amongst the frontrunners when it comes to purchasing power. It is estimated that they spend almost $600 billion each year. With that kind of purchasing power, it is no wonder to think that the millennials have an impact on the furniture sector. When it comes to furniture, it is observed that millennials prefer visiting the store and buying the needed furniture. As one of the leading furniture stores in Torrance, here’s what we think of the millennial furniture trends.

Though there can’t be a particular scale of a generation’s interests, we have gathered some of the most common of the lot. Here are some parts which interest the new generation in furniture.

  • Social Media Friendly: Most millennials try to get their hands on products which are “Instagrammy” and pieces of furniture are no exception. If a bed or a coffee table looks great on camera, there is a high chance of it getting sold. Moreover, they are influenced a lot by online matters and having high review points turns out to be beneficial for furniture stores in Torrance.
  • Tech Aficionados: It is no secret that the new generation is highly dependent on technology for getting the work done. Providing a place for the latest soundbars in the wall cabinets will make it popular easily. Something as simple as having a cable management feature in a living room table is what grabs the attention and has a chance of getting picked up soon. From plugs to cables, if the furniture supports tech in a way that helps the functionality, it is ready to go to a millennial home.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our earth is dying a slow death due to us and it is a matter of pride that the new generation is conscious about the environment. Taking this consciousness home, environmentally friendly furniture has a higher chance of being bought by the millennial generation. The interest in green living is higher than any other generation and that is a heartening thing to see. Stock up furniture from brands which are environmentally friendly and see the good reviews flowing in.

These are some trends of millennial furniture buying. There are some goods and some bads in every time and era. The millennial generation, though lazy and obsessed with gadgets, are looking for sustainability like never before. This is good news and keeping our furniture stores in Torrance ready for them is the only way to go ahead.