Christmas is almost here! It’s the most amazing time of the year when you can bake scrumptious sweets and confectionaries to satisfy your sweet tooth. May be you do not find time to bake all the elaborate treats we see popping up all over the internet. There is no need to miss out those festive goodies though! As there are some simple candy recipes which you can try with plastic chocolate candy molds at home.

Yes, absolutely, Candies make the most important part of Christmas dessert, After all, it is super sugary and rich, which is why we only make it once in a year, and it isn’t what holidays are all about? Celebrating traditions and making memories with your sweet family!

 Your holidays wouldn’t be complete without these classy Christmas candy recipes.

Peanut Butter Snowball: If you are lurking around for some creamy treats, then peanut butter snowball candy has the taste to suit your palette. It is typically above the regular milk chocolate and peanut butter combination. It simple and easy to bake, and melts in your mouth.

Cream cheese candies: For a perfect last minute addition to your holiday treats trays, a cream cheese candy makes the absolute partner. Colorful and lip-smacking in taste, these candies are an eye-popper. And, the best part is you do not require many ingredients to bake these candies at home. Just a few of simple items and your candies are ready!

Coconut cream bars: This is one of the easiest and simples Christmas treat you can make. IT requires three basic candy ingredients with some coconut powder and some melted chocolate to dip. And voila!  You are having a heaven treat at home!

Peppermint Crunch Cookie Dough Truffle Bars: Ditch those old cookie flavors; try something cool and minty like this peppermint crunch cookie dough truffle bar. It contains all the flavor of truffle covered in a peppermint ganache. . The cookie dough base is eggless, so it’s safe to eat. Wrap it in a mini cup cake wrapper, because these truffle bars tend to get a little sticky at room temperature.

Peanut Butter and chocolate pretzels: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pretzels are an easy to make, no bake treat that takes just minutes to make! It’s a sweet and salty snack that everyone loves! These are crazy addictive, you cannot stop eating it again and again. These are like the pretzel version of Tagalongs!

The above-mentioned candy ideas are simple, easy, and rich in festive deliciousness. You can give desired shape to these candies with the use of plastic chocolate candy molds. Find most interesting candy mold designs from Candy Molds N More. Go through the entire collection to find the one that suits your need.