Whether you want to make a fashion statement or just enjoy the feel of a leather cuff strapped snugly on your wrist, Nemesis Watch has a wide selection of black leather cuff bands.

  • Black Diamond Stitched Leather
  • Black Side Stitch Leather Bracelet
  • Brushed Black Turtle Shell Engraved Design
  • Faded Black Side Weaved, Flower Rose Embossed
  • Brushed Brown/Black Diamond Cut

Jewelry is an acceptable accent piece for any man

More and more men are using bracelets and black leather cuff bands to accessorize. Not only for punk followers or alternative lifestyle advocates, these cuffs can add a touch of elegance to any look or demonstrate a connection to a particular group or organization such as military, divers and even businessmen.

The highest quality craftsmanship made in the USA

All Nemesis leather cuff products use 100% genuine leather and are manufactured in our California facility. We are also always on the look-out for the newest designs and latest trends.

With so many choices of designs, you have to see for yourself

Click on our website and introduce yourself to a whole new way of expressing your own personal style.