Beyond the usual things to consider when selling any property, when you decide to list one of the many Wrightsville Beach, NC, waterfront homes for sale, there are some extra issues to consider.


No. 1:  Waterfront homes have curb appeal not only in the front but also along the shoreline. This may mean a lot of extra work if the shoreline has become overgrown or is strewn with debris. Landscaping is important so bringing in a professional to maximize the view of the property from the water as well as the street will be an expense that may pay you back in a higher sale price. Buyers will want to see the water as they tour the property so a clear, easy to navigate path is essential. If there is a dock on the property, it will also have to be in good repair and look appealing.

No. 2: There are fewer waterfront homes for sale in general so some real estate agents may have a difficult time finding comparisons to come up with a realistic asking price. You can’t let your emotions get in the way or assume that being on the water is an automatic “big payday”. David Benford Real Estate has been listing Wrightsville Beach NC waterfront homes for sale for many years and has the experience you need for the best results.

No. 3:  Provide your agent with the best information possible to make you property stand out from all the rest. This means identifying anything special about the location such as proximity to a marina, and walking or biking trails or nature preserves. Also, be accurate in your room count and square footage as well as listingallon-site amenities, out-buildings or memberships to a local clubhouse or fitness center.

No. 4:  When listing Wrightsville Beach, NC, waterfront homes for sale, you are selling more than a property, you are selling a lifestyle. Play up the availability of water and land-based sports, cultural and historic events, fine dining and anything else that may appeal to potential buyers. Providing brochures or website information can be helpful. Even if you have never taken advantage of them, it might just be the key to capture a buyer’s attention.

No. 5:  Today’s buyers are savvy and will expect to find a home in top condition. To prevent delays at settlement or a lost deal, it pays to have a home inspector come in and locate any potential problems that you may not have been aware of such a water damage in the attic or crawl space, electrical or plumbing issues or heating and air conditioning malfunctions. This will provide you peace of mind and by fixing things before buyers come in may even enable you to raise the asking price.

No. 6:A tremendous number of real estate transactions begin online. To make the most of the trend, showing your property to its best advantage with professional pictures and videos puts you ahead of the game and attracts truly interested buyers.

For the best advice when listing Wrightsville Beach, NC, waterfront homes for sale, turn to the professionals at David Benford Real Estate with many years of local experience and a proven record of success.